You can contact HMS Holdings Corp.'s Board of Directors to provide comments, to report concerns, or to ask a question, at the following address.

Contact HMS Holdings Corp.'s Board of Directors to provide comments, report concerns, or ask a question, at the following address:

Meredith Bjorck
Corporate Secretary
HMS Holdings Corp.
5615 High Point Drive
Irving, Texas 75038

You may submit your concern anonymously or confidentially by postal mail. You may also indicate whether you are a shareholder, customer, supplier, or other interested party.

Communications are distributed to the board, or to any individual directors as appropriate, depending on the facts and circumstances outlined in the communication. The board believes that the company's management generally should speak for the company and should be responsible for communications with institutional investors, analysts, the news media and the company's customers.

Stockholders and other outside parties who wish to communicate with a director should address their correspondence to such director in care of the corporate secretary at the company's headquarters in Irving, Texas. The board has instructed the secretary to review and determine whether to forward all such correspondence in his or her discretion. Generally, correspondence will not be forwarded if it is deemed to be irrelevant to or inconsistent with the company's operations or policies, or of a commercial nature.

You may also communicate your comments, concerns, or questions online to the corporate secretary.

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